Accepting paradox

‘It seems like accepting paradox is the key to enlightenment and to our own peace of mind. It seems that we are both a loving God/Oneness and individual “souls”. And it seems that God is the same: someone we can pray to as well as being our own ultimate identity. When Buddhists speak of “emptiness”, is this what they are alluding to? Are we both individual souls and also NOT individual souls because our ultimate identity is God who is being us?’

Menno: Does paradox exist? To me, it seems that a paradox is a logical outcome of the thinking-process in which there is an incongruency in thoughts, beliefs, experiences and so on. For God or Life there is (of course!) no paradox. Many years ago you, Deepak, explained this to me in the following way; you put your thumb and index finger together and said: ˜In here, there is everything’. It took me quite a while to understand (and accept!) that you meant ALL the contrasts and non-dualities in the universe. In this process, I also learned to let go of the need to understanding everything. Although not always easy, it definitely comforts and secures me in my journey that is called life. Everything is as it should be, in the knowledge that we all are one.

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